Buyer Tips: What Makes a Good Inflatable Kayak?


If you love the outdoors and if you often travel, a good inflatable kayak will surely be an excellent investment. This is especially true if you love spending time in serene waters. It can be beneficial in more ways than one, especially when compared to rigid kayaks or canoes.

For instance, it is portable as it has a compact size when deflated and it is also economical in terms of cost. It requires minimal maintenance and to be honest, it is a lot of fun! The latter, of course, is one thing you will never know unless you have the chance to try an inflatable kayak for a canoe trip. Are you in the market for a dependable blow up kayak?

Affordable Price This is one of the things that make a good inflatable kayak. It cannot be denied that most people will definitely look for one that comes with an economical price. However, it is important to keep in mind that being low-priced does not necessarily mean being an excellent option. At the end of the day, there should be a balance between price and quality.

Favourable Feedback

When choosing a good inflatable kayak, you should find time to research what other people have to say. In this case, you should read online reviews. You can also ask around family and friends who have bought an inflatable kayak in the past. Through the insights that they will be sharing, it will be easier to differentiate one from the other. Right Size A good inflatable kayak is the one with the right size. In this case, there are several factors that should be taken into account. Solo kayaks will definitely be smaller compared to tandem kayaks. If you intend to use it with another person, buy a tandem kayak, but this would be larger in terms of size. The size will also have an impact on portability. Even when they are deflated, kayaks with higher capacity can also be larger in terms of size.

Durable Construction

More so, a good inflatable kayak is one that is made from premium materials that are long-lasting. This means that the kayak will be able to withstand the test of time and the rigours of the environment where it will be used. Versatility In choosing a good inflatable kayak, you should also consider how versatile it is. This means that it must be flexible enough to be usable in various water environments, such as ocean or river. Choose a style that can offer a high level of flexibility, which will surely make the kayak worth your money.

If you are a passionate fisherman who is in need of a versatile boat capable of carrying all of your fishing reels, rods, and baits, along with a few big fish,  and at the same time being comfortable and reliable, well then an inflatable kayak is what you are looking for. These all-around vessels are extremely functional and make fishing even more fun.

Get All the Gear You Need Inside

Whether you are a fly fisherman, you prefer spin fishing or live bait; inflatable kayak fishing is one of the best ways to practice your hobby. Kayaks are extremely secure and offer plenty of space for your gear. Different weather conditions and baits require different types of rods. You can store all the rods you need, along with your other gear, but be sure not to forget something. That being said, before getting in your kayak to start your fishing trip, carefully order all of your equipment so it will be easily reachable at all times. If you are fishing on a river, water could be quite turbulent. Most kayaks come with accessories that help you secure your equipment so it won’t fall off the boat. If you prefer live bait fishing, get a kayak with enclosed storage space for your bait. You can fill it with water and keep your bait fish alive for longer.

Catch Big Fish and Have Fun

Once you are in the water with all of your equipment inside, all you have to do is navigate towards all the attractive spots and catch these big fish we all want. That is probably the biggest advantage of inflatable kayak fishing – you have access to all the spots others can’t reach. And, of course, that is where the best fishes are. And although all types of fishing are fairly safe for both you and the kayak, you should be careful when casting to avoid setting the hook in your boat. The material they are all made from is extremely durable, but it might be difficult to get the hook off, and you can damage the boat. Another great thing about kayak fishing is the fact that you can always get a two-person boat and fish with your best friend while chatting, drinking beer, and having fun. However, you must be really careful if you are not alone in your kayak when casting a fly, especially if it is a heavy streamer. Strong wind can make your fly unpredictable while in the air. That being said, you don’t have to be the most experienced fly fisherman out there to be practising kayak fishing, you just have to be careful at all times.

Buying a Tandem Inflatable Kayak
Are you hoping to share your canoe holiday experience and buy a kayak for two people?  Then a tandem inflatable kayak would be highly recommended for you.  But let me remind you first that you should not take this as an option if this is going to be your first time riding a kayak. Tandem kayak has already cemented its spot in the sports of kayaking; however, it will not be your ideal option if you are just starting the sport.  Here is a rundown of the things that you need to ponder about when buying a tandem kayak.

Things You Need to Know When Shopping For a Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Lightweight and Convenient As opposed to the heavy tandem kayak with a standard design, the tandem inflatable kayak is significantly lighter.  You will not experience any inconvenience of transporting them with a kayak trailer or carrying them over your head.  However, in order to achieve its convenience and lightweight feature, the most inflatable kayak has to compromise on its durability.  But if you managed to find a high-quality inflatable kayak, then you will be able to enjoy all these features including the enhanced durability.  Some of the highly recommended tandem kayaks with impeccable durability would be Intex Challenger, Sea Eagle, and others. Not For the Beginner If you want to improve on your kayak skills, you will not achieve it with the tandem inflatable kayak. The learning curve with this type of kayak is a lot slower.  You will not be able to have the feedback when using the tandem as opposed to getting the solo kayak.  You will immediately notice that you are not doing it right when you are paddling a solo.  By simply changing your paddling technique, you will be able to know if your paddling skills have become better.  When you are using a tandem kayak, it is fairly hard for you to determine if your kayak is not functioning well.  It is also difficult for you to spot any improvement in your paddling in case you alter your techniques. Stability When it comes to stability, the tandem inflatable kayak is a lot better compared to the solo kayak.  But once it capsizes, it has a tendency to be immediately filled with lots of water and turning it over poses some challenges.  This is why it is not recommended for rescues.  This type of problem is prevalent in shorter tandem kayaks since shorter kayaks are somewhat restricted in terms of floatation compared to the longer kayak. While some of the above lists may serve as a red flag especially for beginners, it does not necessarily mean that you will not have fun using them.  We own a tandem inflatable kayak, and we continuously enjoy using it.  When buying tandem kayaks, be sure to carefully consider and search for your option in the market.

Airhead Kayak Review
Inflatable kayaks are great for camping, vacationing, and exploring due to their easy storage and lightweight. If you are looking for a good inflatable kayak, then you most likely have heard about the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person boat. This Airhead Montana Kayak offers stability and easy manoeuvrability in a solid package. It is designed to comfortably accommodate two paddles on moderate white water and lakes. Main features Even though portability is likely the major reason people buy inflatable kayaks, some may have reservations due to the wrong perception that these boats are not very durable compared to rigid canoes. Nevertheless, the Airhead Montana Kayak features a strong, heavy-gauge PVC construction that makes it very resilient. The outer layer has been covered with UV and water-resistant coatings, so durability is not really an issue. This kayak uses a tubular I-beam floor to provide buoyancy, stability, and comfort. Ease of use The Airhead Montana Kayak is easy to use once you have quickly inflated it. Actually, it will only take a few minutes to inflate all the chambers completely when using a simple hand pump. It also deflates in a couple of seconds when you are through with your expedition and need to store it away. You will find that the bow and sterns are fixed using heavy-duty D-rings, which you can use to securely hold your gear. There is also a handy stretch net inside the bow that provides extra storage options. The inflatable seats have been suitably placed in a central position inside the kayak to offer better stability when paddling. Each seat is adjustable and you can set which incline suits you best, while the mesh pockets offer both paddlers a good way to store items within reach. You also get neoprene elbow guards for a more comfortable ride. Performance The AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is a very capable boat that you will enjoy using. It is easily manoeuvrable and very responsive due to the four bottom fins which are designed to offer great tracking while creating little drag. This is certainly a quality performance kayak. It also features a 3-air chamber setup that is enclosed completely by a heavy-duty 840 denier nylon, which means it can hold air pressure the whole day. The outer cover is made using high visibility and durable orange PVC to ensure safety when kayaking. Users of the Airhead Montana Kayak have been very impressed by its performance and durability. This inflatable boat is definitely something worth having for any kayak enthusiasts.

The Versatile Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak
If you are looking for an inexpensive kayak, well there are plenty of them on the market, but very few are actually comfortable, durable, and will offer a pleasant experience when on water. That being said, it is important to note that even when on a tight budget, you can still find a quality versatile kayak for two. And the Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak is just that – an affordable product that offers excellent performance, smart solutions to make your life easier, and a lot of reliability. Reliability and Excellent Performance The Sevylor Fiji Tandem Kayak is really safe and reliable due to the fact that it is made from thick and very durable PVC that is guaranteed not to leak and can withstand some heavy beating. The floorboard consists of a quality three-air-chamber system so even if you manage to puncture one chamber, the others will ensure it has plenty of buoyancy to be able to safely return to the shore. If the kayak is damaged, the manufacturer provides an easy-to-use repair kit that will allow you to quickly patch it up and be back on the water in no time. In addition, inflating it is a breeze and the Double Lock Fast Valve ensures you will be able to inflate it and deflate it easily and effortlessly. Kayakers, both new and experienced ones, will certainly enjoy their time on the water with the Sevylor Fiji Tandem Kayak and will love every minute in it. Lightweight and Portable When fully inflated, the Sevylor Fiji Tandem Kayak is 10 feet, has two seats, and plenty of space for additional equipment. The Sevylor Fiji Tandem Kayak can carry up to 400 pounds which is more than enough and lets you take all the fishing or camping equipment you might need. The kayak itself is really light, and when deflated it takes very little space. You can easily take it on hiking or biking excursions, and you won’t even notice it is there. The 5-piece paddle is durable but also quite compact and lightweight as well, so carrying it around or paddling won’t be a problem for anyone. The Verdict Overall, this light and the manoeuvrable kayak is quite comfortable and is a great product, especially considering the ridiculously low price. This kayak is most suitable for lakes and ocean surf so using it in a wild river is not recommended. That being said, as long as it is on calm waters, the Sevylor Fiji will perform admirably, and kayakers will certainly enjoy their trip.

Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Review
Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 is known for its lightweight feature and durability which makes it an ideal inflatable kayak for different water enthusiasts.  You can comfortably glide in the water while enjoying the majestic surrounding in the wilderness or use it to ride the strong rapids of the river.  It weighs only 25 lbs which makes it very easy to store and carry. Features The Outdoor Tuff has three inflatable chambers that you can easily deflate and inflate within just a minute using any pump.  It is on par with the durability and stability of a regular kayak that is made up of wood or plastic.  The rotatable paddle that comes with the kit measures about 87 inches and the 2 fins highlights the stability of the inflatable kayak.  There is an HD seat that is made from high-quality fabric that can be removed and inflated which can give you more room on the kayak.  It also comes with a splash cover made up of nylon in case you want to stay dry when you are in the water. When it is inflated, the dimension of the Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 measures at around 9.1×30.25×13.5 and it can withstand a weight of 275 lbs.  It typically comes with a 1-year warranty on all materials and parts.  A foot pump that you can conveniently use is also included in the inflatable kit. The first outstanding feature of the Stinger 3 would be its durability.  Unlike any other inflatable kayak that will easily deflate once it was punctured, it comes with a 3 level of protection on punctures.  It is made up of PVC which enhances its sturdiness and elasticity.  You will basically get all desired features of an inflatable kayak combined with the standard kayak.  It is also priced economically compared to other brands of an inflatable kayak.  It is normally sold at around $150-$160. One of the downsides of the Stinger 3 would be the supplied hand pump.  It is functional, but it forces you to work double-time as opposed to the ordinary because of the amount of air it produces.  Mostly, people who buy this type of inflatable product will want to buy a separate pump in order to inflate it easily. Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Verdict With the low price, durability, and comfort that it gives to the water sports enthusiast, this kayak is definitely worth every penny that you will spend.  You will not easily experience any leakage on the Kayak.  The stability of this inflatable kayak is also outstanding, thanks to the fins incorporated with the kayak.  So in case you are looking for a kayak that provides comfort and function but not the excessive price, this Stinger 3 is perfect for you.

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